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Great experience with They were very patient and responsive with my questions via email before I sent in my analog film. The digital transfer went beyond my expectations, since the film was forty years old. And the turn-around time was as expected. I highly recommend this company.


Dominic B.

Old film 16 mm from my wife's Mom who had recently pasted; much was more than 50 yrs old, but looks like new on the DVD's created. Was shown at the 1st family reunion after her passing. Thank you for the memories.


Amazon Customer

Will use them again. Easiest thing I've ever done and the quality is great.


Amazon Customer

I had 2 large Super 8 reels converted to digital files. The quality is great and it was amazing to see these movies for the first time in over 40 years. The process was smooth and the people were great to work with.


Kathy L.

I have dropped off old audio and video tapes at three times and I haven't been disappointed. They've converted my valuable memories, nicely organized and marked. I highly recommend their work. They have a helpful team of people there. If you want your memories handled with care, this is the place!


Amazon Customer

Excellent service. I inadvertently threw out box that they had sent for shipping. Once informed they received films, I asked them to hold off shipping as I would be away on vacation.Always coutteous, took time to answer my questions. Had been told on phone that films had been overexposed. Tough to hear as were films of deceased mother but the films had also laid in storage for 47 years.


Ed Pearlman was easy to work with, went the extra mile with personalized service, good pricing and a turnaround time that was quick even during Christmas rush. This was for a project transferring a 30-year-old video to DVD with menu and multiple copies. I originally found them when trying to find someone who could make a DVD out of an old 16 mm film that had a separate reel for its soundtrack. No problem, good results, and very reasonable prices! Happy to work with them even from halfway across the country.


Jeanne Burke

Quick attention to my project of converting my dad's old, old films. Thank you! You are a great team!!!



Most Excellent. I had five 400-foot reels transferred. Some of my 16mm films date from the 1930s and 1940s. One of them may be the world's oldest Kodachrome home movie. The film, which we verified with Kodak, predates by at least a year the release of Kodachrome 16mm. Needless to say, I was very concerned about preserving the film itself. The transfer was superb. The films were handled carefully and returned intact. Their frame-by-frame conversion faithfully preserved the colors and the high resolution makes the films sparkle on our large-screen, plasma television. There was a minor issue and they quickly resolved my order and shipping goof. I have at least ten more reels that I'll be sending to them after the first of the year. In the past, I've used some chain-store transfer services.'s work was orders of magnitude better.


John Robert Devers

I was very pleased with the results of transferring my old film to DVD. The movies were not only restored but were greatly improved from the original. The movie are sharper and better lit than the original film. Also the free cloud storage has been great for sharing with others. It is worth every penny to have this done.


Phillip L Smith

Very well done! Crystal clear picture.


Brian L.

Excellent quality result from my parents old 8mm reels from the early 60's. Uploaded to Amazon drive, then downloaded to my phone, and computer for safe long term storage. Received original films back intact and boxes indicating the ID of having processed them for easy tracking to which video file. Highly recommended.


A fan

Initially, I had a lot of concerns mailing my treasured home videos to an unknown mail address. But after the service initially (had got done 25 HD8 cassettes), I will now send them my next batch!! The service is great and the product good. Completely hassle-free! I, in fact, had a couple done via COSTCO in the past but would definitely recommend



The "proof is in the pudding". 8mm tapes (5 of them) from early 60's (1960-64). Perfect reproduction, better than I ever thought possible. The original source materials were languishing in a basement more than 50 years. If I can find 5 more, I'd employ them in a heartbeat, to do it again. They were quick to offer help to access resulting videos. Thanks for the great job!



DVD was great, awesome quality. Would definitely recommend.



Very fast and courteous service. I can definitely recommend them and will use them again in the future. They did a FANTASTIC job!


Marius S.

Good quality transfer from my tapes to mp4, including enhancements and conversion from PAL. Excellent customer service. Got the tapes back in good condition.


John Neiman

Great Service! Beautiful results from the transfer. And it is nice to have a backup cloud service that you can view easily view to ensure your movies are safe.


Stephen G.

I had 23 old films from my childhood which i wanted to preserve forever. I shipped them off to, 3336 Commercial Ave, Northbrook, Illinois, 800557, 800 557 3508 and they came back on computer disks. You can see the good job they did at my YouTube Channel


John W Clemens

I have been using this company for well over a year now. For years I have been wanting to tackle the insurmountable job of organizing, digitizing, and backing up all my family media memories. Then I found these guys. What a blessing! I have had them convert all my 8 mm film, video tapes of all formats, pictures, 35 mm slides, negatives. Everything I have had converted is safely stored with them, and now accessible from anywhere on any device. I also have everything backed up at home on hard drives. First let me say the quality of the conversion is incredible. I could not imagine my old family 8 mm film could look as good as it does. The Remastering process is outstanding. The ability to organize everything by time line, by names of people, etc is pure genius. This gives you the flexibility to individualize your account easily. I can send my friends and family individual links by email to access that media I want to share with them. The app is seamless, intuitive, and available on all devices. Customer service is also one of the companies strongpoints, they are always available and eager to help in anyway. If you haven't picked up on it by now, I simply cannot say enough about this company. Do yourself a favor and try them. Before anything happens to all your family media treasures.


Kathy Garofalo

I would like to highly recommend an excellent digitizing service for all your photos, 35mm slides, home movies and videos. Just had over 5000 photos, negatives, slides and home movies scanned and digitized by, which is located in Northbrook (formerly Pixcel). Eugene & his staff have done a wonderful job, and the results are impressive. Media editor Harrison Raybuck took the time to explain the process, as well as's timeline app, which gives you (and family) access to all your photos & videos on your PC, tablet, or phone by simply scrolling the date. It would have taken me several years to do what did in a few weeks and my results would not have been anywhere near as good.


Amazon Customer

It's amazing how you can make videos taken in the 70s look like they were just filmed the other day, and that's exactly what this company did for me. All of my family's home videos when we were kids have now been transferred into clean-cut, high-quality videos, making these memories come to life, which has been a dream of mine for far too long. It's incredible what these guys at can do and especially how they do it. I spoke with Harrison (employee) over the phone many times and he was very patient with all of my questions and concerns and walked me through every step of the way. Now my family can enjoy these remastered videos of some of our greatest memories growing up. Thank you,


Amazon Customer

I do not know where to begin. City life has its space challenges. I have no clue how many boxes that I have been able to discard. Both my parents recently passed. Starting that process now of memories and history that I am finding there. Moving all of my old 8MM, pictures, slides (if you were born before 1970, you may not be familiar). All of ?my stuff" can be viewed by friends/ family at anytime. My laptop and a HDMI cord is all I need to take my show to the big screen. What a gift that keeps giving. Seeing 8MM film of my father at the 1960 Sydney Games was breathtaking. The team at is what customer service should be. I am not computer savvy. I called Harrison for help. Mind you, they already have my money. We scheduled an appointment and he took me through everything like a caring son or grandson would have (without the jabbing)...Nowhere near proficient, but getting there. I found this team when I saw that my boarding school (Culver Academy) entrusted them with their 125 history. Just Wednesday, my father in law got to watch a floor hockey game of his grandson from 20 years ago. He started crying. This is priceless. I would urge anyone to call the team at The service they provide is invaluable to me and my family. This guy will be calling Harrison soon to drop off more stuff, and certainly get a refresher course that I won't even have to ask for. Do yourself and your entire family a favor, utilize this great team.



I gave these guys a shot because I needed to find a good service to help preserve and digitize old family videos I had that an update. What I got was something that caught me by surprise BIG time. This service was quick, efficient, and gave me exactly what I needed when it came to digitizing this old footage. I would recommend this service to anyone!!!


Amazon Customer

I would like to highly recommend an excellent digitizing service for your home movies. Just had over 50 home movies (both 8mm & 16mm sound & silent) scanned and digitized by, which is located in Northbrook. Eugene & his staff have done a wonderful job, and the results are impressive. I chose the remastered level, which includes cleaning and dirt & scratch removal. Media editor Harrison Raybuck took the time to thoroughly explain the process. According to, 8mm film resolves on average at 800 lines of resolution, and 16mm at 1200 lines of resolution. Along with their remastering software, my digitized files look better than the original film. It would have taken me several months to do what did in a few weeks and my results would not have been anywhere near as good. Check them out at


Leila Lewis

The pictures were very clear, clearer than I'd ever seen them before. Needless to say, our family was very pleased with the results!!


M. Brunner

I recently had inc transfer several items for me including some Super 8 footage of my grandmas wedding and a multitude of photos. Firstly, let me say that from start to finish this company is top notch. I had many questions regarding the handling of my precious memories which they had answered to my satisfaction. I even had called later in the process for some additional work which they were able to add on to my order without any problems. I was extremely satisfied with the results. I had given them some very old and damaged reel to reel video and was surprised at the quality of the video they were able to extract. It was a real pleasure for my grandmother to be able to view that footage that had not been seen for years. The company also went above and beyond when it came to scanning the photos. They carefully took photos from picture frames, scrap books, and loose ones as well without any damage during the process. They even had organized them better when they were returned to me! I was extremely satisfied with the scans as well. Overall I would recommend this company because they have a real passion for quality (vs. some of the other companies I had researched which basically "just get the job done" and nothing more) The owner of the company was telling me how they are constantly upgrading their machines to improve their quality while other companies may have had the same ones for years or even decades! I used the Amazon cloud upload service which allowed me to get my scans and vidoes very quickly and conveniently. Highly Recommend this service!!!


Marie Rivera

I never expected my parent’s old 8mm film to look SO GOOD! I am beyond impressed! I had about 40 small reels of old Kodachrome 8mm film. We had it transferred to VHS years ago by Wolf Camera but the tapes were useless once we got rid of our vcr player. I am so glad I got these retransferred. I don’t think they even looked this good on our original projector.


Joshua Miller

Now is the time to begin looking into saving your families Reglar8 and Super8 Kodachrome and Ektachrome home movies! Only 52% of all home movies shot from 1932 until 1960 are still in existence today! We have no way of knowing what we lost. Don't wait, save what you still have for future generations in your family. I decided to go with the remastered level. This involves the cleaning/lubricating transfer and digital remastering to remove any dirt, scratches or discoloration. The guys in Customer Service have been great, explaining each step of the process in depth for me, and alternating the film frame per second rate of each 50 foot reel for me, according to how I marked the speeds on each box. I've worked closely with Harrison, educating him on the different speeds of different cameras manufactured in the early 1960's. Some Regular 8 companies, like Bell&Howell, who made the 414PD, the model Dallas businessman Abraham Zapruder used to capture the assassination of President Kennedy during the last part of his downtown motorcade with, they changed to the 18 frames a second rate in 1961, a rate everyone would be set to by1965 with the introduction of Super8. Both services are fantastic and I would recommend the 8mm transfers to anyone with film form the 1932 introduction of the original Kodachrome on up through today's higher speed film stocks, to use Call them today 1-800-557-3508!


Wendie R.

I would recommend to anyone who values their photos, movies or tapes. I brought in a large amount of 8mm reels from the 50's, VHS tapes, and photographs ranging from the early 1900's up to the present. I wanted to archive my family history so that my children and grandchildren could have them all preserved. My family sat down together to view the media on line and it brought to life family members, long gone, who they had heard stories about but had never seen. I worked with Harrison who gently walked this 60 something woman through the wonderful world of media preservation. did a great job of re-mastering materials that were aged so that they will always remain in the best condition possible. It was time and money well spent. Thank you Harrison


Gary Magnum

I sent my family's old super 8 filmstrip to the team at We had it processed years ago by a local business back in the VHS days and I felt like it would be nice to reprocess it with today's technology. I was blown away by the results. I don't think that the quality was even this good coming out of the film projector. The team was great to work with and I knew that they cared about protecting and preserving my memories. I recommend this company to anyone else who has media they want to preserve.


Ches W.

I had them handle an 8mm project from the 80's. They stabilized the images (8mm can be be shaky), and removed the dust and many scratches. It looked great!


Karen S.

They did a really good job with my wedding video. I now have something that will preserve with time and can bring back happy memories for years to come! I'm looking to come back and have other things transfered by them. The level of customer service was spectacular!!! A++++ in every way!